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City of Washington, North Carolina
Stormwater Resolution


WHEREAS, stormwater poses a serious threat to the public health, safety and welfare to the Citizens of the City of Washington; and

WHEREAS, the threat cannot be entirely eliminated but can be managed; and

WHEREAS, an effective method of managing stormwater is the construction of capital drainage and related facilities and the proper operation and maintenance of stormwater drainage infrastructure owned and maintained by the City of Washington; and

WHEREAS, an equitable and effective method of funding the aforementioned stormwater management items is through the imposition of a stormwater management program funded by user fees, as identified by the North Carolina General Assembly at NCGS 160A-314

NOW, THEREFORE the City Council of the City of Washington, North Carolina hereby adopts the attached Policy to Establish Periodic Stormwater Service Charges for Properties Within the City of Washington ("Policy"). Furthermore, pursuant to the Policy, the City Council fixes the following stormwater service charges, effective July 1, 2002:


Square Feet of Impervious Surface Monthly Stormwater Service Charge
up to 1,517 $2.00
1,518 to 2,322 $3.00
Greater than 2,322 $4.00


Square Feet of Impervious Surface Monthly Stormwater Service Charge
201 to 600 $10.00
601 to 20,000 $20.00
20,001 to 40,000 $40.00
40,001 to 100,000 $50.00
Greater than 100,000 $100.00

Finally, the City Council appoints the following individuals to the Washington Stormwater Advisory Committee:

Full (Voting) Members

1. Ed Gibson (City Council Representative)

2. Jane Alligood (Planning Board Representative)

3. Charles Phillips (Real Estate/Development Community Representative)

4. Danny Taylor (NC Department of Transportation Representative)

5. Rodney Woolard (U.S. Department of Agriculture Representative)

6. Jerry Pearce (Citizen-at-Large)

7. Doug Mercer (Citizen-at-Large)

8. Dr. Ronald Champion (Citizen-at-Large)

Ex Officio Members

1. L. Stewart Rumley (Mayor)

2. R.L. Willoughby (City Manager)

3. Russell Waters (Director of Public Works)

4. Bobby Roberson (Director of Planning and Development)

ADOPTED this 17th day of June, 2002.

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