State Historic Preservation Office
Guidelines for North Carolina's Certified Local Government Program*
VII. Historic Preservation Fund Grants to Certified Local Governments
F. The Grant Application

The application form for HPF funds will be available from the HPO on or about November 1. Applications which are not submitted on forms supplied by the HPO will be considered, provided they are the proper length and contain adequate information. The narrative portion of the application (1, 2, and 3 below) should be limited to three (3) double-spaced typewritten pages. An additional budget page may be attached.

Applications should contain at least the following:

  1. Applicant Information: name of the CLG and name, title, address and telephone number of the contact person or designated project manager.

  2. Project Information: a detailed and specific list of the final products to be accomplished with the subgrant and local matching funds.

  3. Project Budget: a detailed budget that includes all major work elements and the cost of each element.

  4. Matching Share: identification of the donor, source, kind, amount and availability of nonfederal share to be contributed.

  5. Professional Qualifications: documentation that professional qualifications of the staff, consultants, or principal investigators undertaking the work meet the applicable minimal professional qualifications in 36 CFR 61 (See Appendix).

  6. Equal Opportunity Statement: a signed Equal Opportunity Statement or equivalent.
* Reproduced for the City of Washington Department of Planning and Development Website from the January 1992 revision of this document.
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