State Historic Preservation Office
Guidelines for North Carolina's Certified Local Government Program*
VII. Historic Preservation Fund Grants to Certified Local Governments
B. Availability of Funding

The intent of the CLG program is to use HPF assistance to augment rather than replace existing local funding commitment to historic preservation activities. Ordinarily, the maximum grant to any project shall amount to no more than thirty (30) percent of the total amount available to CLGs during one federal fiscal year, October 1 to September 30. (See also Section G, page 23).

The CLG share of the HPF allocation to North Carolina shall be available to local governments on a 50/50 matching basis for eligible historic preservation activities and projects. (At present, federal law provides that at least 10% of the HPF allocation to the states be set aside for distribution to CLGs. If the Congress appropriates more than $65 million to the HPF, the distribution formula will provide for one-half of the excess to be transfeered to CLGs. At such time, a different method of transferring funds to CLGs may be considered.)

* Reproduced for the City of Washington Department of Planning and Development Website from the January 1992 revision of this document.
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