State Historic Preservation Office
Guidelines for North Carolina's Certified Local Government Program*
V. Performance Assessment and Decertification
A. Performance Assessment

The HPO shall perform annual monitoring activities and a formal triennial performance review of CLGs to assure that each government continues to meet the minimal requirements of the CLG program and is satisfactorily performing its responsibilities as a program participant.

  1. Annual Monitoring Activities and Year-End Reports
    The CLG Coordinator will monitor CLG activities throughout the year with periodic written notifications, telephone conversations and site visits. In addition, Year-End Reports will be collected from each CLG, covering the period beginning July 1 of the previous year and ending June 30 of the current year. Documents requested may include: resumes of new commission members; lists of locally designated districts and/or historic properties; and lists of properties that have been demolished, radically altered, restored or moved within the reporting period.

  2. Triennial Evaluations
    Comprehensive performance reviews of all current CLGs will be conducted every three years, beginning in 1993 for the period July 1, 1990 to June 30, 1993. In addition to items required annually, the review will test performance of such basic CLG responsibilities as: review of NRNs; administration of federal subgrants; designation of historic districts and/or landmarks; and consideration of certificates of appropriateness.

  3. Results of Reviews
    The HPO shall inform each CLG in writing of the results of its annual and triennial reviews. To promote the exchange of information among local preservation programs, portions of the CLG reports may be circulated to all CLGs.

    If the HPO's annual monitoring of triennial review indicates that a CLG no longer meets the minimum requirements or that performance of the CLG is not satisfactory, the following procedures shall be followed:

    a. The HPO shall notify the local government in writing that its performance is inadequate and that it risks losing certification. The HPO shall document the assessment that the local government's performance is inadequate and recommend to the local government steps to bring its performance to a satisfactory level.

    b. The CLG shall have a period of no more than one hundred and eighty (180) days to make improvements. If the HPO determines that sufficient improvement has not occurred, the HPO may recommend decertification of the local government to the Secretary of the DOI, citing specific reasons for the recommendation. If the Secretary does not object to the HPO's recommendation within thirty (30) days of receipt, the decertification shall be considered approved.

* Reproduced for the City of Washington Department of Planning and Development Website from the January 1992 revision of this document.
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