State Historic Preservation Office
Guidelines for North Carolina's Certified Local Government Program*
IV. Process for Certification
B. Notification of Certification
  1. Within forty-five (45) days from the receipt of a completed request for certification, the SHPO shall respond to the chief elected official of the local government.

  2. If the SHPO approves the certification application, the HPO and the local government will enter into a written agreement which specifies the duties that will be delegated to the local government and contains other appropriate provisions.

  3. When responding to the completed application, the SHPO will send a copy of the CLG application and a copy of the proposed certification agreement between the state and the CLG to the Secretary of DOI.

  4. If no comment from the Secretary of DOI is received within fifteen (15) working days, certification of the local government and the preliminary agreement will be considered final.

  5. If the Secretary of DOI states any objections to the certification, the HPO will work with the local government to address the Secretary's concerns.

  6. If the local government's request for certification is disapproved by the SHPO, the local government may appeal the decision to the Secretary of DOI.
* Reproduced for the City of Washington Department of Planning and Development Website from the January 1992 revision of this document.
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