Plot Plan For Permit Application
One/Two Family, Modular, Mobile Home or Accessory Use
Street #
Street Name
AV, RD, ST, etc.
(  ) Washington    (  ) ETJ    (  ) Washington Park     (  ) Whichard's Beach Road - Chocowinity
Property Owner's Name:
Tax Parcel #
Telephone #

On a separate piece of graph paper, draw plot plan as neatly and accurately as possible, to scale, from survey if possible.

  1. Draw street(s).
  2. Draw property lines with dimensions.
  3. Draw proposed and existing buildings showing any attached porch(es), deck(s), chimney(s), carport(s), or garage(s), etc..
  4. Show distances of buildings from property lines or other structures.
  5. Separate building permit application and plot plan are required for each building.
See Example Plot Plans

Alternatively, you may complete the appropriate prepared plot plan for your zone.

See List of Prepared Plot Plans

All existing and proposed building(s) on lot are shown on attached diagram(s) with measurements indicated.
Sign here and on attached plot plan diagram(s).
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