City of Washington, NC
Planning Board Meeting Agendas

Regular Meeting, Monday, Dec. 1, 2003, 7 PM

I. Opening of the meeting

II. Invocation

III. Roll call

IV. Old Business

A. Extraterritorial Jurisdiction extension - The Planning Department is recommending the extension of the extraterritorial jurisdiction to include the Northgate Subdivision addition and the surrounding property.

V. New Business

A. A request has been made by Mr. Stuart Dudley Jr. to rezone 16.14 acres of property located off Hodges Avenue and Maple Street. The property is currently zoned R6-S and the request is to rezone the property to B-2 (General Business).

VI. Other Business

A. Washington Women's Club - the Planning Staff was asked to review the proposal by the Washington Women's Club for potential uses. One of the recommendations was to rezone the property from Market Street east until it intersects with Bonner Street to an Office and Institutional classification (O&I). We have sent adjoining property owners notification to inform them of the request.

VII. Sub Committee Reports

VIII. Approval of Minutes - November 3, 2003

IX. Adjourn

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