City of Washington, NC
City Council Meeting Agendas

Regular Meeting, Monday, December 12, 2005, 4:30 p.m.

Opening of Meeting


Roll Call

Approval/Amendments to Agenda

Presentation of Police Certificates

Presentation of Fire Promotions

Presentation of Awards for the 2005 Light Up the City Holiday Decorating Contest for Businesses

Approval of Minutes of November 3, November 4, November 5, November 7, November 14, November 28, December 1, 2005

I. Consent Agenda:

A. Revise - Underground Subdivision fee schedule for the Electric Fund

B. Award - Contract for Power Line Construction

C. Approval - Changing the name of the Cochran Skatepark

D. Adopt - Ordinance to amend Chapter 9, Section 123: Parking prohibited at alltimes in designated area s

E. Adopt - Budget Ordinance Amendment for the General Fund ($4,000)

F. Adopt - Budget Ordinance Amendment for County CDBG Grant to Install Water and Sewer Lines in Industrial Park ($595,000)

G. Authorize - Manager to Execute Change Order Number 1 for the Water and Sewer Extensions in the Industrial Park, Phases 2 & 3 and Adopt a Budget Ordinance Amendment for the Capital Project Fund ($22,900)

H. Approval - Of Municipal Agreement with NCDOT for Bridge Inspection

I. Adopt - Ordinance To Amend Chapter 18, Section 6: Tampering with equipment and Section 55 (s) and (v): Policy

J. Adopt - Budget Ordinance Amendment for NCLM Safety Grant ($123)

K. Approval - Of Fire Department Roster for the year of 2006

L. Adopt - Resolution Approving Financing Terms for a 59 month installment note ($692,000)

M. Approve - Declare surplus Police Department weapons and authorize surplus weapons to be traded in for new weapons

N. Approve- The awarding of funds for the 2005-2006 City of Washington Facade Improvement Program

O. Adopt - The awarding of funds for the 2005-2006 Urban Redevelopment Project Facade Improvement Program. These funds are the CDBG award in conjunction with The George Little Inn at Washington renovation

P. Amend - Airport Rules and Regulation

II. Scheduled Public Appearances:

A. Joseph Burns - Protest High Utility Bills

III. Correspondence and Special Reports from City Council:

IV. Reports From Boards, Commissions and Committees:

A. Economic Development Commission

B. Tourism Development Authority

C. Human Relations Council

D. Downtown Washington on the Waterfront

V. Appointments:

A. Historic Preservation Commission - To fill the unexpired term of Jeff Tubaugh, term to expire June 30, 2006

B. Economic Development Commission - To fill the expired term of Mickey Gahagan, term to expire December 30, 2005

C. Washington Tourism Development Authority - To fill the unexpired term of Mayor Pro tem Hamblin, term to expire June 30, 2008

VI. City Manager's Agenda:

A. Old Business:

B. New Business:

1. Swearing In Ceremonies for New Council - 6:30 p.m.

2. Information Only - Report Hennen’s American Public Library Rating (Julie Hicks)

3. Adopt - Pay Plan Revision Effective December 26, 2005

4. Approve - Title Change and Salary Adjustment for Fire/Rescue/EMS Chief

5. Adopt - Amended Audit Contract for FY 2004-2005 with Dixon-Hughes

6. Approve - Cooperative Purchasing Agreement with the City of Jacksonville and other Local Government Units with Cisco Systems

7. Discuss - Upcoming Wholesale Electric

8. Closed Session - Under G.S. 143-318.10(e) approve closed session minutes and G.S. 143-318.11(a)(6) Personnel

C. Any Other Items From City Manager:

VII. Public Hearings - Zoning: 6:00 PM

A. None

VIII. Public Hearing - Other: 6:00 PM

A. Approve - Preliminary subdivision of the Buoy Tender Station

B. Adopt - The annexation ordinance to extend the City of Washington corporate limits for the non-contiguous annexation of the Sprint/Carolina Telephone property

IX. Comments From the Public: (Immediately following public hearings)

X. Any Other Business From the Mayor or Other Members of the Council:

XI. Adjourn

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