City of Washington, NC
City Council Meeting Agendas

Regular Meeting, Monday, September 12, 2005

Opening of Meeting


Roll Call

Approval/Amendments to Agenda

Approval of Minutes of August 8, 2005

Mayor will Present Key to the City to Mr. Reggie Fountain

Swearing in of firefighters

I. Consent Agenda:

A. Declare Surplus & Authorize - Sale of old Safe House trailer currently located at the McConnell Sports Complex that is no longer in use

B. Grant - Easement to North Carolina Natural Gas

C. Award - Contract for purchase of Electric Meters

D. Authorize - Mayor to sign the update to the previously approved plan to further Fair Housing as part of the requirements for the CDBG (04-U-1328)

E. Adopt - Resolution fixing a date for a public hearing on the contiguous annexation of the Tree Shade Community located on John Avenue (Hwy 264 E) under G.S. 160A-31

F. Adopt - Budget Ordinance Amendment for Wastewater Treatment Plant Capital Project Fund in the amount of $37,773

II. Scheduled Public Appearances:

A. Jason Briley - Northgate

B. Jerry Smyre - Turnage Theater requesting a letter for Grant that Council Approved

C. Hackney - Presentation One North Carolina Fund Program

III. Correspondence and Special Reports from City Council:

A. None

IV. Reports From Boards, Commissions and Committees:

A. Economic Development Commission

B. Tourism Development Authority

C. Human Relations Council

D. Downtown Washington on the Waterfront

V. Appointments:

A. None

VI. City Manager's Agenda:

A. Old Business:

1. Ordinance - To amend Chapter 15, Solid Waste

2. Ordinance - To amend Chapter 9, Section 77: Stop intersections (West Third Street and Hackney Avenue)

3. Consideration Significant capital outlay cost savings of the fire department’s aerial apparatus replacement

B. New Business:

1. Ordinance - To amend Chapter 9, Section 77: intersections (West 12th Street and Respass Street

2. FYI - Presentation of information of Department’s stipend compensation guidelines for volunteer participation, recruitment and retention

3. Adopt - Ordinance to amend Chapter 12, Personnel Article 1. Residency Requirements

4. Award - For the Architectural design and construction administration of the second fire-rescue-EMS station to the firm of Stewart-Cooper-Newell

5. Progress Report - on the Individual Development Account under the Community Development Block Grant Program

6. Approval - City of Washington Map Update

C. Any Other Items From City Manager:

1. None

VII. Public Hearings - Zoning: 6:00 PM

A. None

VIII. Public Hearing - Other: 6:00 PM

A. Adopt - The annexation ordinance to extend the City of Washington corporate limits for contiguous property owned by the City (Singleton Property)

B. Adopt - Resolution closing a portion of Union Alley between West 5th Street and Harding Street

C. Adopt - Resolution closing a portion of an unopened alley fronting the northern Water Street right of way

IX. Comments From the Public: (Immediately following public hearings)

X. Any Other Business From the Mayor or Other Members of the Council:

A. None

XI. Adjourn Meeting

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