City of Washington, NC
City Council Meeting Agendas

Regular Meeting, Monday, April 11, 2005, 4:30 p.m.

Opening of Meeting


Roll Call

Approval/Amendments to Agenda

Approval of Minutes of February 21, 2005, February 22, 2005, March 14, 2005, March 16, 2005, March 21, 2005 and Closed Session minutes

I. Consent Agenda:

A. Adopt - Budget Ordinance Amendment for Waste Water Treatment Plant Capital Project Fund in the amount of ($55,000)

B. Adopt - Ordinance to amend Chapter 9, Section 77 and 78: Stop intersections and Yield intersections

C. Adopt - Budget Ordinance Amendment for Camfil Farr Tax Incentive Grant

D. Adopt - Corporate Bank Resolution designating officials to sign checks

E. Adopt - Budget Ordinance Amendment for CDBG Program Income Fund ($753)

F. Approval - To submit full application for Domestic Violence/Assault Prevention Initiative Grant

G. Declare - Surplus and Authorize the sale of four (4) transformers through sealed bid

II. Scheduled Public Appearances:

A. Jimmy Crisp - Discuss petition to rename The 7th Street Recreation Center to The Bobby Andrews Recreation Center

III. Joint Meeting with Beaufort County Commissioners - To Discuss Public Safety Center

IV. Correspondence and Special Reports from City Council:

V. Reports From Boards, Commissions and Committees:

A. Economic Development Commission

B. Tourism Development Authority

C. Downtown Washington on the Waterfront

D. Human Relations Council

VI. Appointments:

A. Board of Commissioners of the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency

B. Tourism Development Authority - To appoint Liaison to replace L. Stewart Rumley

VII. City Manager's Agenda:

A. Old Business:

1. Adopt - A Financial Management Resolution for the 2004 Community Development Block Grant

2. Adopt - Administrative Guidelines and Program Policies for the City of Washington’s FY 04 CDBG Urban Redevelopment Project #04-U-1328

3. Adopt - Resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into a Public Access Grant to purchase the land located along US 17 South

B. New Business:

1. Discuss - Retail Rate Presentation

2. Discuss - Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment

3. Approve - FAA Chart Contract and Authorize City Manager To Execute Contract

4. Approve - Avfuel Contracts for Airport and Authorize City Manager To Execute Contracts

5. Award - Security Fencing Contract for Warren Field Airport

6. Award - Independent Audit Contract for FY 04-05

7. Discuss - City Manager Search

8. Discuss - Filling Council Seat

C. Any Other Items From City Manager:

VIII. Public Hearings - Zoning: 6:00 PM

A. Consider - Adopting a Resolution closing a portion of the portion of West 10th Street

IX. Public Hearing - Other: 6:00 PM

A. Consider - An application to the N.C. Department of Commerce/N.C. Rural Center for an Entrepreneurial Incubator Grant in conjunction with Metropolitan Housing and CDC., Inc.

B. Adopt - Resolution authorizing an Exchange of property between the City of Washington and the First Presbyterian Church

C. Approve - Certificate of Convenience and Necessity for Derrick Meade d/b/a Excel Cabs

X. Comments From the Public: (Immediately following public hearings)

XI. Any Other Business From the Mayor or Other Members of the Council:

XII. Adjourn Meeting:

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