City of Washington, NC
City Council Meeting Agendas

Regular Meeting, Monday, April 8, 2002

Consent Agenda. Authorize Mayor and City Clerk to sign an extended Fire Contract with the Town of Washington Park; acknowledge reallocation of funds for the Electric Fund ($49,000), Cleanwater Management Trust Fund ($104,305); amend the Municipal Records Retention and Disposition Schedule; approve one year extension of Cayton Furniture, Inc. Lease

Scheduled Public Appearances. Bill Cochran, recognition of high performance with the Washington Housing Authority; Bryan Ross, discuss buying hangar for airport; Richard Gannon, NC Division of Water Quality.

Old Business. Hear status reports on the junk car removal program, Jack's Creek drainage, waterfront construction progress; discuss parking lot at 2nd and Respess streets.

New Business. Adopt resolution on the sale of $12,045,000 General Obligation Refunding Bonds; adopt resolution authorizing application for grant assistance from the NC Rural Economic Development Center for Wastewater Treatment Plant, Phase II-Oxidation Ditch; discuss making parking area at E. Peterson Building permanent; discuss 4th of July Celebration and opening of the parkway; discuss joint meeting with City Council and Planning Board; approve amendment to the Thoroughfare Plan; approve Historic Preservation Guidelines; authorize sale parcels of land, one purchased through the Urban Renewal Program and the other through the Community Development Program; award contract for 15th Street Water & Sanitary Sewer Extensions to W.O. White in the amount of $411,870.

Public Hearing on Zoning (6 p.m.) Rezone 2.41 acres of land from R-15S to B2 (Carolyn and Arland Heath); rezone 5.45 acres of land from RA-20 to R-9S

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