City of Washington, NC
City Council Meeting Agendas

Regular Meeting, Monday, March 11, 2002

Opening of Meeting


Roll Call

Approval/Amendments to Agenda

Recognition of Officers for Advanced Law Certificates (Cliff Hales and William Chrismon)

I. Consent Agenda:

A. Ordinance - To Amend Chapter 9, Section 123 to prohibit parking on West Ninth on the South side between Market Street and Respess Street

B. Budget Ordinance Amendment - In the amount of $19,107 for Police Department

C. Award Audit Contracts - For FY 01/02 to Cherry, Bekaert and Holland CPA, LLP in the amount of $30,000

D. Adopt a Refunding Bond Resolution & Approve Escrow Deposit Agreement

E. Accept Grant & Adopt Budget Ordinance Amendment - For the Department of Fire-Rescue-EMS Services $700.00

II. Correspondence and Special Reports From Members of City Council:

III. Scheduled Public Appearances:

A. Tony Rouse - Request Financial Support for R II K Annual Free Gospel Concert

B. Downtown Merchants - Smoke on the Water

C. Pierre Voisard - Discuss Pot Bellied Pig

D. Ed Hodges - Discuss Pot Bellied Pig

E. Georgia O'Pharrow & Muriel Brothers - To discuss Capri Activities

IV. Reports From Boards, Commissions and Committees:

V. Appointments:

A. Historic Preservation Commission - To appoint new board members

VI. City Manager's Agenda:

A. Old Business:

1. Status Reports:

a. Junk Car Removal Program

b. Jack's Creek

c. Waterfront Progress

2. Ordinance - To Amend Chapter 3 of the City Code to allow Exotic Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs

3. Discussion - Water & Sewer General Obligation Debt Refinancing

4. Discussion - Garleen Woolard to discuss email options

B. New Business:

1. Adopt Resolution- NC Local Government Debt Setoff Program & Authorize - Memorandum of Understanding Agreement

C. Any Other Business From the City Mananger:

VII. Public Hearing on Zoning: (6:00 p.m.) None scheduled

VIII. Public Hearings on Other: (6:00 p.m.)

A. Public Hearing - On close out of Community Block Grant #00-C-0730 Shalom House

B. First Public Hearing - For the CDBG Micro Enterprise Demonstration Category Grant for $100,000

IX. Comments from the Public:

X. Any Other Business From the Mayor or Other Members of City Council:

XI. Adjourn until Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers.

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